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Care & Guidance

We are with you every step of the way.  Our team has the experience and knowledge needed to develop custom home solutions for each member of your family.  You will find that our methods for developing your home design are easy and enjoyable.  We take great care to bridge any gaps in understanding and create an openly accepting atmosphere of collaboration.  This brings out the best in everyone, and is very rewarding when each family member sees their individual and shared spaces come to life!  We bring all the pieces together to make your new home Custom Perfect.

Custom Perfect Home Options for Multi-Generational Families!

We create Custom Perfect homes to fit our clients with specific and custom needs.   This includes families that have an elderly parent (or parents) that would benefit from living as close as possible to their adult children.  We create spaces for  each member of the family to enjoy personal freedom while also adding the right amount of togetherness.  The benefits are great, so dive in to see if our approach to multi-generational living is a good fit for your family!

The Best Place to Live

Your location options are also very flexible.  If we can renovate your existing home, this would  save time and money.  This is done by REbuiding spaces to fit your new design goals.  Sometimes it's as simple as converting unused spaces on the first floor (formal living areas or dining rooms), while other times it may be necessary to add square feet to your existing structure.  If your current home isn't a match, then we will walk you through other options that include building new or REbuilding a classic estate in a great location.


Intentional Design Options

Each family is unique, so your home's design should reflect that!  We help establish your key design goals and then create multiple floor plan options to make this process easy.   The perfect balance of separate spaces within a shared home are crafted with each family members' needs in mind.  Granddad may want to watch the news in his space while the kids play games upstairs, leaving Mom & Dad to relax in the family room.  Let's design your home to satisfy everyone in your Together Family! ​​​

A Better Financial Decision

Compared to other "Age in Place" options, the Together Family Home costs less because everyone lives on the same property.   One mortgage payment, shared living expenses and in most cases, less money paid to in-home care providers.   Multiple loan options are also available to minimize out of pocket expense.  Use your current home equity or a renovation loan to REbuild or a new construction loan to Design-Build the perfect Together Family Home from scratch.