Virtual Marketing Examples

No Showings

Daily cleaning and being "on-call" for showings make selling a home a stressful experience!   Your home only has to be clean and tidy for Media Day and when we find a truly qualified and "Ready-to-Go" buyer for your home.  

No Hassle

We can arrange all repairs and make-ready efforts so you can get back to focusing on the transition at hand.

More Buyers

​Local and out-of-town buyers love our virtual showing media, because they can shop for their next home from their couch!  See real example listings of SOLD properties below.

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No Showings?

That's correct, no dropping everything and leaving your home for showings.  The inconvenience is REAL, but the worst part is how hard it is to keep your home in a "show ready" condition all day, every day.  

Times are a' changing and buyers are too!  We provide them with 7+ videos of your home as well as a floor plan to understand what it will look like in-person.   This is a more intentional and consistent way to showcase your home in the best possible light!  Each prospective buyer submits their basic info, a Covid sympton-free declaration and loan pre-qualification letter for us to perform our due diligence before giving them 24 hours of exclusive purchase rights to see your home and then make an offer.   Here is an example for you to see it in action.

No Hassle?                                             

What do you call a seller that doesn't have to do repairs and make-ready to their own home?  Happy! 

Our blend of construction and real estate benefits you by eliminating the hardest part of this process.  It also allows buyers to feel at peace knowing that they are getting a working product at closing... which means a higher sales price!


More Buyers?

Your custom marketing campaign is carefully crafted to gain peak market exposure as well as showing off your home to potential buyers.

  • We develop "Buyer Personas" to find out what type of buyer is willing to pay the most for your home and fine tune our message to reach them wherever they are at!  
  • Engaging content that showcases your home to various types of buyers, casting a wide net.  Blog posts, interesting local info and target ads.
  • ​Video marketing to amplify engagement and drive more potential buyers off the couch and into your home!
  • Full MLS Listing with pictures, floor plan and other imagery to highlight the value of your unique property.

Hundreds of Buyers Shopping for YOUR HOME?

Yes! And all from the comfort of their couch!