Worried about the application process? 

You are MORE than just ink on paper.  Landlords have a stack of applications to choose from, so how will you stand out?  We know what they need to see to calm their fears and comfortably choose you.  Read more here...

Leasing a REAL home doesn't have to be so hard!

Follow our easy, step-by-step plan to find out how great HOME can be! 

Surprisingly Easy.  You will wonder why you didn't do this sooner.

​Easy Home Shopping.  We video the homes for you to watch whenever/wherever. 
You can sit back, relax and watch real walk-through videos of each home you like.   When great homes hit the market, you like them and WE video them so you can see what they look like in person. 

Easy Approvals.  We help you make a great first impression.
We create a positive picture of you by carefully crafting a leasing resume that goes far beyond filling out the standard forms.  Our leverage in negotiating better lease terms is tied to how well we communicate your value as a great tenant.  

Better Lease Terms.  We are on your side.

We represent your best interests.  So we won't let landlords take advantage of you by drafting a lease that gives them all the power.

Stop stressing.  START by following our step-by-step plan. 

Step 1

You tell me what you want.  Then I share access to the most accurate list of homes out there.  Know what's available before others do.

Step 2

Together, we prepare your "leasing resume" for landlords to be impressed. 

Step 3

We help you find the home, see the home... And get the home!