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Why Would ANYONE Want to Do a Fixer-Upper?

Reason #1 

"I've been house shopping for over 3 months and haven't found a single home I like!"

As the house hunting process goes on and on, so do the compromises.  Eventually the home you buy may only represent around 50% to 60% of your initial needs/wants criteria.  If you can't find what you want on the open market, then your best option is making it.  Let us show you how to DO IT ALL in less than 90 days.

Reason #2

"I see my friend's houses and they all look the same.  I want something truly unique."

There is something special about you that makes you different from everyone else.  Your home is an opportunity to celebrate that.  Once upon a time, you were probably a creative little kid that decorated and designed your bedroom so you could be surrounded by all the things you loved.  Now as an adult, you have the power to shape the look and feel of your entire house.  

Reason #3

"I want to pay less for my home so I can get walk-in equity and have a lower payment."

There is a reason why outdated, boring, bland houses sell for much less than freshly updated homes.  Most people want something move-in ready.  They also have no idea that renovation home loans exist that will pay for the house AND the cost of remodeling.  So the homes that require a little TLC sell for a large discount.  An investor would keep that discount as profit after renovations, but for you it's walk-in equity.

​Custom Perfect Home Example​:

From ONE Story to Two...From a Humble Purchase Price of $156,000 to a Value of $394,000.  We turned 1,888 SqFt to Over 2,900 SqFt.

Want Your Own Custom Perfect Home?

Let us walk you through the entire process from start to finish!

​Did You Know... 
That renovation loans are available for the same down payment as regular purchase loans?  Easily combine the purchase price for the property AND renovations in ONE LOAN.  Talk to one of our preferred lenders to get all terms, rates and details.