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for the perfect home.

​​​​​​Step 1 - What Do You Really Want?

Let's start with YOUR VISION and forget everything you know about traditional home shopping.  We take all your needs, wants, must-haves and no-ways to the drawing board to create a simulation of what your perfect home looks like, what it costs and how to get it.  Here are some great examples...

  • Great location, schools and a pretty quick drive to work.
  • Size, layout, bedrooms and intentional spaces for everyone.
  • Kitchens that fit how you cook and how you gather.
  • Dynamic kid-spaces designed for maximum fun, while being out of sight and sound for guests.
  • Spa-like master retreats that relax and recharge you after a long day.
  • Dog-friendly backyards, cat-friendly spaces and cohesive habitats for any other member of your family.

Step 2 - Buy, Build or REbuild?
Your finances may be limited, but your options aren't!  Depending on your needs & wants, your options include
buying a pre-existing home, building a new home or capturing a classic REbuildin the perfect location. 

Step 3 - Let's Go Shopping!

We take your budget, needs and wants into account to come up with your Top 5 Home Options.  Then we set up showings so you can see each home in person.  Sometimes you are stuck at work when the home of your dreams becomes available, so we go out and video it for you! 

Step 4 - Capturing the House

After finding the right home then researching it's history and market value, we can proceed with making an offer to purchase. Much like a resume, your offer is carefully prepared for the property owner's consideration.  And no need to try and figure out how much to offer!  We prepare a sliding scale based on your possible offer amounts and their corresponding probability of acceptance.  Bottom line:  Your offer has a better chance of success when the proper due diligence is performed.

Inspections, Repairs Negotiations, Financing Pitfalls and Preparing for Closing/Funding...

Our buyer representation services guide our clients through the home purchase process, with special attention paid to protect their best interests.  We provide the level of service that we would want from a real estate professional.  Become a client and feel like a member of our family.  You will fit right in!

We've REinvented the Purchase Process!

Our blend of real estate & construction creates more options .