#1 - You Get What You Want.  

We take your list of needs/wants and we put together an EASY to follow, step-by-step plan for getting the home that BEST fits how you do life.

​Reviews from our clients...

"... He will be there with you through every step of the process, day or night, no ask is mission impossible with Tim. I’m not sure how many more homes are in my future, but I’m certain I will be calling Tim for my next home buying/selling journey. "

- Eman A.

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​"... We were absolutely amazed at the level of service provided to us in the process. Buying a home is always fraught with pitfalls and especially so at this time and place. Tim did everything humanly possible to get us the information we needed in a timely fashion. Not only did he create video walk-through's of at least a half a dozen houses, but he filmed the different routes in and out of the neighborhoods with commentary on what he was seeing as he went."

​- Kenneth & Lorena C.

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​"... My new job didn't leave me any time for house hunting so he video'd them all for me! I had no idea this was a thing! Very thorough videos of each and it saved me days of walking through DUDS (and there were a lot of them!). I'm your client 4 life! I would recommend highly."

​- Mark & Shanti

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​"... Tim really helps reduce the strain on home buying. He creates video walkthroughs of the properties that you are interested in including a dashcam of the drive from major thoroughfares, through the neighborhoods, and right up to the house. The amount of time this saves in narrowing down properties is very important. I was able to review the videos at work and have a list of properties to visit in-person immediately after I was off the clock."

- Thaad P.

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#2 - Stay Within Your Budget

We will give you multiple strategies for saving money while getting the home you've always dreamed of.  We will negotiate the best terms, unlock hidden property options and find ways to make your dollar go further.


​​Buying a home is a complicated process that will cost you time, money and years of regret IF you get it wrong.  

These are the most common regrets that buyers have... 

​- Paying more than what the property is worth.

​- Getting stuck with a mortgage loan with hidden fees and a higher interest rate.

​​- Buying a house that starts falling apart after you take ownership.

​- Losing your earnest money because you weren't being properly protected.

- Buying a home that doesn't fit you or the lifestyle you want.

WHY can't it be as simple as finding a house, buying it, and then moving in? 

Well, now it is!  Let me show you how we make this process simple & easy to get what you want and start enjoying your new life.  With the right guide, you will avoid the pitfalls and pain other buyers experience and get what you want most... A home you love.


#3 - Home Buying is Easier with Us

Rushing around to look at newly listed homes?  Save your time and gas money! 

Once we know what you want, we go and take video of these homes for you.  Then we send them to you at work or home.  IF they look good on video, then you spend your time going to see them in person!

3 Big Benefits to Working with Timothy Henley Real Estate

Start You Home Buying Journey Today!

When you have a real estate guide, life is so much easier.  It all starts with an easy to follow, step-by-step plan...

1.  Tell me all the things you want in a home.

2.  We prepare a strategy for you to get what you want WHILE staying within your budget.

3.  We guide you through shopping, offers and then closing on your new home!


Get the home YOU WANT without all the hassle!