A Better Way to Shop for Your Next Home! 

A Better Way to FOCUS Your Home Search:   Learning How YOU Do Life

The OLD WAY to purchase a home involves spending hours (and hours) online searching through listings, scheduling showings and then endless days of trudging through properties that somewhat resemble their listing pictures.  On the contrary, We Save Your Time and Energy by visiting each of your home matches first, and taking a video showing that you can watch from your phone.  And that's just the tip of our "service iceberg", there's so much more to read about below!

A Better Way to See Homes:  Concierge Video Showings​​

We have developed a fun and focused way to build your list of must-haves, wants and livability standards for layout and design.  We do this together by evaluating your lifestyle and your daily routine.  Let us simplify your home search criteria and only focus on the homes that were made for you.

​​A Better Way to Enjoy the Process: 

A Completely Transparent Experience

Start You Home Buying Journey Today!

Which is better... A store bought sheet cake or one that you make yourself?

Let us help you MAKE a home that is custom perfect to you!  With almost a decade of experience in flipping old homes into fresh and modern transformations, our fixer upper clients get the custom feel of a new home combined with the affordability of a pre-existing house​  Be bold enough to get what you really want in your next home.  Low down payment renovation home loans available.  Read more here!

​​A Better Way to Live:  MAKE Something Special

(Not Recommended for First-Time Home Buyers)​ 

Every homebuyer would love the extra assurance that their agent is acting in their best interest because trust is developed through transparency.  We bring you behind the curtain of the real estate transaction to create a more immersive experience of your home buying journey.  From shopping houses, negotiations, going under contract and into inspections, you will know what goes on behind the scenes.  Besides that, ​we love sharing our knowledge with you!

​​​New homes pop onto the market everyday, which means most buyers have to spend hours daily searching online listings.  Our solution to this problem allows you to keep your normal schedule while getting real video showings of the best homes sent directly to your phone.  See an example of how we do video showings here!